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Inheritance Bay Volume 1

Inheritance Bay Volume 1

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❤️‍🩹 Inheritance Bay is a small town series that explores second chances, the power of love and and forgiveness. Walk with us as see enemies become lovers, two strangers find trust and a second chance for healing hearts.❤️‍🩹

  • Sometimes, a second chance is all you need to find your way home.

    Riley Jackson is desperate for a fresh start after a string of bad luck. Returning to her hometown of Inheritance Bay, she believes a new job will be her ticket to a better future. But when the job offer falls through, and she’s nearly run over by the town's most eligible bachelor, it feels like the universe has other plans.

    Conner Sanders purchased the charming Turtle Dove Inn to give his parents a chance to relive their honeymoon. The inn, however, needs more work than he anticipated. When Riley unexpectedly becomes available, hiring her as his new hotel manager seems like the perfect solution. Her talent and drive are just what he needs, but her beauty and strength are proving to be an irresistible distraction.

    Riley isn’t looking for love, and Conner doubts he has what it takes to build a lasting relationship. Yet, as they work side by side to restore the inn and bring back its former glory, sparks begin to fly. Can Riley and Conner overcome their pasts and find a way to embrace the future together?

  • When Past Wounds and Present Struggles Collide, Can Love Find a Way to Heal?

    Inheritance Bay welcomed Layla Cartia, her brother, and their unwed mother with open arms. The townspeople embraced their unconventional family as one of their own, and Layla is determined to do anything for this town, especially now that it’s facing economic hardships threatening their homes.

    Nolan Taggert, known in his financial firm as the Reaper, arrives in town with plans to set up a call center. Instead of a town official, he chooses Layla, a local, to show him the true spirit of Inheritance Bay. Nolan's past experiences with small towns have left him wary of judgmental and narrow-minded people. But as Layla introduces him to the beauty and refuge she has found here, could Nolan's long-held wounds begin to heal?

    In a journey filled with unexpected turns, can Layla help Nolan discover the true meaning of community and lead him towards healing – both for the town and his heart?

  • Can these two survivors of love’s battlefield find common ground? 

    Victor doesn’t believe in love. Love was the reason his sister died, leaving him with her two children. Love made people weak.
    But he loved his sister, and she asked him to take her kids to Inheritance Bay, so that is what he’ll do. Just this one show of weakness, for love of his sister.

    Carrie knows that love is all that matters. Even though her first love tore her heart into pieces, she still believes love can heal. Which is handy because she’s the town’s doctor . . .and science teacher . . .and pharmacist in a pinch.
    She only wishes love could help her have kids of her own. When she meets Victor’s kids,
    she can see they need more love than most. Which is handy again because she has more than her fair share to give. But the kids need more love to grow from their pain.

    He says love is weak. She says love is strength.Together, their love may leave them weak in the knees.