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The Heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker

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Love was for others, until he came and said his love was all hers. Women loved a chef for a partner, he was looking for a partner who loved him.

Main Tropes

  • Second Chance Romance
  • Small town Romance
  • Women Friendship


Love was for others, until he came and said his love was all hersKathy had tried love and it had proven to be untrustworthy. Now she hid behind her garden and her ability to evaluate high-earning companies to stay safe. Then her brother fell in love and Kathy knew it was time to go. She didn’t want to stand in his way so she made up an excuse and told him she was leaveing.Women loved a chef for a partner, he was looking for a partner who loved himJack met Kathy and knew she was a prime choice and a rare gem. The problem was she was trying to run away from Inheritance Bay. He asked her for 7 days to change her mind. Jack knew about working hard and he was willing to do whatever it would take to win Kathy. She leaving her brother’s for all the wrong reasons, he hoped he could convince her that his love might be a better reason.Two people will have to learn how to put themselves first and take off the expectations that past shackled them with, if they want to discover an unconditional love that needs to be free.

Intro into Chapter One

Chapter One

let’s try again.”

Ellis knew the therapist was only trying to do her best by her. In fact, if
Kathy were honest, she would say that Dr. Talls had gotten the furthest with
her. As she lay on the couch in the living room, she found herself in a calmer
state than she had been before—calm enough to know that she wasn’t sure if she
wanted to consider having a relationship with another man. She had her brother,
and he was the only person she could count on.

orphaned was one thing, but being separated from her birth brother for most of
her teenage years had taught her not to rely on anything or anyone. Reid
Chance, her brother, had come to find her, and that spoke to his sense of
obligation. Reid was a good man, but even good men had to be able to live their
lives and find love. Reid had found love with Gloria Danvers. When people fell
in love, everything changed. They went from faithful to forgetful.

are you with me?”

finally opened her eyes and smiled at the doctor.

here, Dr. Talls.”

are you thinking?”

thought to herself that the doctor didn’t want to know what she was really
thinking. She was thinking about the man who might be a problem to her brother’s
happiness—Jack. Jack Danvers was his name, and he was Gloria Denver’s brother.
What kind of name was Jack anyway? Jack thought his good looks would get him
everywhere. He must have been six-three with a square jaw that begged for a
woman’s hand to caress it. He was a solid man whom she would have expected to
see in a fairy tale rather than running a food cart in a park. Jack was a whole
bunch of contradictions.


sorry. I was just thinking that I feel like I owe Reid.”

your brother.”

he is, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t owe him.”

most families, they don’t owe one another. What they do for one another is
because they love one another.”

didn’t look at the doctor. She couldn’t bring herself to look at Dr. Talls and
not reveal what she thought about doctors. She was never good about hiding her
thoughts from her face. Now it wouldn’t be any different.

I feel like you aren’t really here today. Is there something you want to talk

I think that I’ve had a lot of things to go over in my mind lately, especially
your thoughts on how families are supposed to interact. I think we need to wrap
up this session a little earlier today. “

course, knowing your limits is as important as knowing when it’s time to take a
step back from the events as well.”

smiled and knew this was going to be the last session she had with Dr. Talls.
Kathy had been planning to leave for quite some time. She wasn’t going to wait
for Reid to throw her out or decide he didn’t have room for her now that he had
found love. She was determined to leave in her own time and on her own terms.
She wouldn’t have the last memory of them be her begging to stay. The doctor
wouldn’t understand that, so there was no point in telling her the plan.

Kathy heard the music that the doctor turned on when the session ended, and it took
all she has in her not to moan out loud.

really? Let’s not do the music today. I think we’ve done enough with polite
rituals,” Kathy said as she sat up and looked at the doctor. The doctor had the
same concerned motherly look on her face that she’d had all along, and now what
was once comforting had become something that sparked some anger in Kathy. So
many people tried to help when they didn’t understand the problem. Love was fickle,
and Kathy was damaged. Oh, it wasn’t the damage you could see on the outside.
It was the damage that emotionally seeped out of you and made every
relationship toxic.

doctor quietly packed up her bag and belongings, knowing automatically that this
wasn’t the time to push for explanations. Kathy felt terrible at first. Then as
she was guiding the doctor out the door and saying all the polite pleasantries,
she saw the picture of Gloria and her brother Jack standing next to one
another. His arm was around Gloria, and then it became clear that Jack would
always be in the picture if left to his own devices.

Jack, always there to hold Gloria’s hand. Jack didn’t need to be there anymore;
Reid was. After the doctor left, the first thing Kathy did was call her brother,

what are you doing today?” For a moment, Kathy didn’t hear anything but a large
sigh. “Reid?”

sorry,” he said in a low tone that seemed restless.


up? I can’t just call my brother?”

sorry, Kathy. I’m not in a great mood, and you are the only one who’s called me

what’s the issue?” He didn’t answer, but Kathy knew Reid. The longer it took
for him to answer, the deeper the problem.

nothing. I mean, I know there’s nothing, so it doesn’t matter.”


It’s her brother.”

didn’t even have to hear the rest of the story to know it was true. It was
Jack’s fault.

‘All Smiles While He’s Blocking Out The Sun.’”

don’t think he blocks out the sun,” Reid grumbles.

let’s agree to disagree on what kind of bully person he is. Why don’t you tell
me what the problem is so we can go on from there?”

are planning on their time together to remember their dad.”

their dad?” Kathy asked.

they have a tradition that on the day their father was lost at sea, they spend
it together. She told me they were spending the time, so it wasn’t a surprise.
The thing is that I know her father played a large part in their lives, and
when I asked if she wanted me to drive her to the restaurant or pick a place
that might work for us three, she seemed like she wasn’t sure she wanted me to
go at all.”

was automatically upset because Reid wasn’t happy.

is it? Do you want them not to go?” Kathy hoped that Reid wasn’t jealous of
Jack because that would be a larger problem with the relationship.

I do want them to go, but there’s no part of my life that I haven’t invited
Gloria into, and I guess I just have to wait to be invited into this part of
her life. It caught me unaware, and it hurts. I mean, it’s her brother, so it
shouldn’t hurt or even be an issue.”

Kathy said, turning to look at the photo and knowing that this had to be dealt
with. “So, what do you want to do about it?” Kathy heard the deep sigh on the
other line.

nothing to do. We’ve spoken about it, and she says she knows that it’s
something she needs to work on.”

being open and honest with you. That’s more than a lot of couples have these
days,” Kathy said as she nonchalantly walked about the room. The room was
filled with the things she and Reid had put in it. Each object was a fond memory.
Now she looked upon the relics and tried to decide which ones she would take
with her.

fielding more questions on how the business was and how the horses on Reid’s
therapy ranch were doing, Kathy hung up the phone, determined now more than ever
to help her brother.

went to her computer to do some invoices. Doing some busy work would help get
her mind off of the problem known as Jack as well give her some space to think
over the issue in a calm fashion. Instead, the first invoice she ran into was
one for Jack Danvers and the Claw House delivery Gloria and Reid had done for a
fundraising event for Grayson. Kathy looked at the invoice and then the amount
that Reid wanted to tip and knew that Jack must have a great product because
Reid didn’t let family get in the way of money.

held the invoice in her hand and thought about delivering the money herself.
She could always say she was going to visit Reid, and it was on her way, like
literally. Reid was a big boy, and he didn’t need his sister butting into his
life. Even though it did seem like Reid thought his hands were tied in dealing
with Jack.

twirled the invoice in her hand and then decided that just dropping the invoice
wasn’t really interfering. She was taking in the lay of the land, was all. Even
Kathy had to snort at her musings. She wasn’t going to take in the land. She
was going to give Jack a firm talking to about how the landscape had changed.

ten minutes had passed, and Kathy had figured out her itinerary when she was in
Inheritance Bay. It would be nice to see the twins, Grayson and Rose. The other
interesting, not interesting, thing that was on Kathy’s mind was their brother,

was a unique man, related or not. He had a way of just being silent and still,
and then everyone would tell him everything. Kathy shook her head and tried to
think of ways she wouldn’t have to engage face-to-face with him. She had been delirious
once after getting a root canal and had taken some painkillers that didn’t
knock her out soon enough. It was long enough for her to start blabbing about
how she would leave Reid’s life when he found love.

nodded as the memory came back to her. She should be doing exactly what she had
said all those days before to Quinn. Kathy felt as though it was time to move
on for Reid’s sake. She could just do a small drive by Jack’s and give him a
head’s up about where his new place was going to be, and then she could move
on. It was the least she could do for Reid. During the time Kathy had been lost,
she had always dreamed that someone would save her. When Reid showed up, she
promised not to ruin what he had by overstaying her welcome. Kathy had tons of
memories to hold on to. Reid had been there to help her through college. Reid
had been there as her support when she decided to try her hand at business.
There was no endeavor that she tried that he didn’t support her and encourage

It was very clear to
her what needed to happen. As she recalled all of the times that Reid had been
there for her, she couldn’t imagine not doing something for him when it seemed
that he needed it most. She picked up her phone and went into her bedroom to
pack a bag. She was going to pay Jack Danvers a visit that was long overdue.
When she left, she was going to make sure that Jack Danvers wasn’t an issue any

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