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Love at Vulture's Peak

Love at Vulture's Peak

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They’ve sworn to serve and protect, but can they protect themselves from love?

Can Siobhan prove herself as a Deputy without falling for the Chief? Come find out if these two officers can balance the scales of love and protection?

Main Tropes

  • Grumpy Hero
  • Forgiveness
  • Women Friendship


They’ve sworn to serve and protect, but can they protect themselves from love?

All Chief Nicholas Terrell wants is to do what he loves without the annoyance of a police partner hanging around. To serve and protect … by himself. So, given a chance to take the position of Chief of Police in Inheritance Bay is a no-brainer solitary job. In this small town, a bid day of crime is catching the teen who took the flowers from Ms. Grady’s doorstep. Here there are no reminders of the partner he lost or the woman who caught his attention from the academy. After New York City, it’s the perfect solution for him.After being in a precinct that wouldn’t give her the chance to move up, Siobhan Clark needed to make a move. When an offer came for an opportunity to train with the police chief in In heritance Bay, she doesn’t hesitate going. Its her chance to be second in command, and she owes it to her late father to try.Nicholas is furious, not only has he been stuck working with a partner, that partner is the woman from his past. She looks more like she should be modeling than working as his deputy. When a protester takes it too far and Siobhan gets hurt, they’ll both reevaluate if life is too short to keep looking back.Can Siobhan prove herself as a Deputy without falling for the Chief? Come find out if these two officers can balance the scales of love and protection?

Intro into Chapter One



do know you can’t keep doing this, right?” Chief Nicholas Terrell said to the
blonde woman standing in front of him with her shawl draped around her
shoulders. He tried to keep the smile from showing on his face. If he
encouraged her in any way, she’d just get more extravagant. “You could get
arrested for calling in a fake call,” he said to his mother, Mila Terrell.

looked on her front yard and saw the two empty cradles on the green grass. One
cradle was blue and the other was pink. He could see she had gone all out this
year. The cradles were equipped with baby dolls in them, as well.

cradles were actually well done and if he wasn’t mistaken, he could see that
someone had gone through the effort of knitting a blanket for each one.
Nicholas thought about taking a picture of the cradles and sending it to his
best friend Carrie. Carrie and her husband Victor were waiting for two young
babies they had adopted. It would be a shame for the cradles to go to waste.

getting old. I’m getting older,” his mother said. “Men always think they have
forever, but you age just like women, you know.”

followed his mother’s gaze as she looked longingly at the cradles. He knew the
winsome look and paleness of her face was due to makeup and not illness. For the
last two years she had gone out of her way to let him know that she would not
be here forever and that while coming home to be the Chief was a good first
step, he still owed it to her to get married.

I don’t need a rocket scientist. I’m not asking for perfection. Just find a
woman that treats you right, wants babies and can deal with your career
choice,” his mother wailed. “If you could see my other friends moving their
travel schedules around and some of them even cancelling our nights out because
they have to watch their grandchildren, you’d understand.”

you thought about a pet?”

mother folded her arms over her chest and tapped her foot. She gave him the
look that said he was one step from being grounded forever. There would be no
grounding, but his mother was his mother, and the look still gave him pause.

you getting smart with me Nicholas Malachai Terrell?”

it was serious, she was using his full name.

let me say happy birthday. I’m sorry you don’t have any grandkids, but I have
no intention of bringing a child into the world just for you,” he sighed.

for me? You need it as much as I do Nick. You need a woman in your life to show
you soft things. You need some place you can lay your head down. You need a life
partner to see your needs when I pass. More importantly, you need a woman to
show you that you are not your past.”

the mention of partner, Nicholas took a step back and tried to focus on the
here and now. A partner was the last thing he needed. He’d had one of those.
He’d let that person down and his partner had paid the ultimate price. No, he
wasn’t ever going to have a partner. It was one of the reasons he took this job
because he was the head solo honcho in the police force in Inheritance Bay. There
were some volunteer people who he called in every so often, but they weren’t
his or permanent. They were temp staff who understood that if anything
happened, they would revert back to their civilian status.

I appreciate your concern but — ”

you but me. Your father would have never wanted you to spend your life alone,”
she exclaimed.

took a deep breath and let it out slow. Family knew all of the right buttons to
push. She was right, his father never thought being in law enforcement meant
you had to be single. However, he was also the one who was killed in the line
of duty. That was Nicholas’s first lesson on why officers need to never marry.
His mother had never remarried, and she was an attractive vibrant woman. He had
tried to live up to his dad’s image all through school, being the toughest kid
in school and it had gotten him nothing but detention and his mother lonely
nights crying to a picture of his father asking what to do now.

at least Nick. I’d even settle for a zoom girlfriend for you now. I want to
make sure you’re not alone. Give your heart a chance to find someone,” she said
as she caressed his cheek.

thought about the woman who was volunteering at the office doing light
paperwork. She had been suggesting they go to lunch or dinner when he had time.
He had been putting her off but maybe his mother was right. He should try it
with a woman who wasn’t in his line of work and was in town. He’d already tried
a relationship with a fellow law enforcement agent and that had ended poorly.
Neither one of them had time for the relationship because they were married to
their jobs.

was the woman’s name in the office? It was Sylvia Hill if he remembered
correctly. She was doing paperwork while her yoga studio was being finished.
She seemed nice, had a sense of humor from the conversations they had in the
office and was in fit condition. He liked to work out, it was a kind of therapy
for him. 

know you think this is the antics of a crazy old lady, but I have to tell you
that I want only the best for you. I want you to know the joy that I had with
your father. I’m leaving this week to do some traveling with friends, but I
worry about you Nicholas.”

didn’t comment on how that joy had turned out to be a sorry that hadn’t allowed
her to move on. Instead, he pulled his mother into his arms. He didn’t know
what to tell her and he was saved from having to tell her anything when he
heard Sylvia’s voice coming from his car over the radio.

I’ve got to go. I’ll send someone for the cradles. I know someone who can use
them, okay?”

guess so since I can’t,” she grumbled.

her a kiss on her forehead, he went to his car and picked up the radio.

Aren’t you in early?”

didn’t you get the text?”


sent a text for us all to be at the office,” she said

got a tingly feeling in his gut. It was a second sense when bad things were
about to happen. He picked up his phone and looked at the text.

on my way,” he bit out once he read the text twice.

didn’t even wave goodbye to his mother. Nicholas could barely control his anger
right now. He was the Chief, and no one would arrest him, but he had to make
himself drive the speed limit. What was Marjorie thinking? She couldn’t do
this, could she? Nicholas kept those questions rolling in his head as he went
over the text in his head. The text had been short and simple.

deputy, new hire.”

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