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It Shouldn't Be You

It Shouldn't Be You

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Sometimes, love takes the driver’s seat . . .

Could love be just around the bend? Experience the laughter and heartwarming moments in this feel-good rom-com adventure that will have you believing in love at first ride!

Main Tropes

  • She Finds Herself
  • Runaway Bride
  • Road Trip Rom Com
  • Second Chances
  • Love at First Sight
  • Happily Ever After
  • Romantic Comedy


Sometimes, love takes the driver’s seat . . .Travers Warner is way too busy for dating. As Chief Operating Officer of Butler Hotels, he works pretty much around the clock. Most women are only interested in his wallet or his connections anyway, and who has time for that? Travers would much rather focus on business. Besides, the woman he really wants isn’t interested.Colleen Bowers is more than a pretty face, and she has no patience for anyone who assumes she’s an empty-headed beauty. A successful attorney, Colleen dedicates her life to helping families and the elderly. Between a rewarding career and planning an upcoming wedding, she has everything a girl could possibly want. Then, she begins to suspect her fiancé may not exactly be the man of her dreams.When Travers catches Colleen trying to escape from her engagement party, it could be his chance to get close to the feisty redhead finally. He’s headed cross-country to try and track down problems with his company’s supply chain. He invites Colleen along. Needing some space to rethink her life options, she agrees.A road trip may be the distraction they both need, but as the miles fly by, Colleen and Travers might discover something even better. Could love be just around the bend? Experience the laughter and heartwarming moments in this feel-good rom-com adventure that will have you believing in love at first ride!Get your copy of It Shouldn’t Be You today and go on a road trip to romance!

Intro into Chapter One

Chapter One


had been tracking Colleen all day. For a woman who had just gotten engaged to
the biggest catch over three counties, she didn’t look as thrilled as he
thought she would be. Instead, she looked like a thief who was about to steal
something. Just when he thought his imagination was pulling overtime, Colleen
came out of the party and into the garden. He watched her reach into a bush and
pull out a backpack. His curiosity was beyond piqued.

a short distance behind, he watched Colleen find a bush that was taller than
her to offer some cover. She darted behind it and kicked off her heels then
pulled a pair of sneakers out of the bag, along with a pair of jeans. She
shimmied into the jeans, donned the sneakers, and took off her red dress,
leaving her standing in her jeans and a matching red strapless bra. Travers
would have bet money nothing could have fit under that dress, but he could see
now he was wrong.

when he thought it couldn’t get any weirder, she pulled out a brunette wig.
Colleen pulled her hair into a bun so tight he winced. Then she planted the brunette
wig on her head, making sure none of those lustrous red strands peeked out.

stuffed her clothes in the denim backpack and then walked toward the valet

are you going all dressed up, Red?” he muttered to himself.

knew he should turn around and go back to the party. Colleen Bowers was the
kind of woman a man would change his life for. She was smart, intelligent, and
fearless. Not to mention tall. Colleen was the woman you hoped your daughters took
after and the woman you wanted with you to go into battle.

problem, of course, was that Travers was firmly married to his job, and a woman
like Colleen wouldn’t ever take second place. More importantly, a man who had a
woman like Colleen wouldn’t make her take second place. No, Travers’ life was
already planned out. He was the COO of Butler Hotels. His friend, the CEO, was
having some issues fighting a takeover, but as soon as this issue was resolved,
Travers was going to find a nice docile wife who liked to count his money, go
shopping, and have a kid or two. Colleen didn’t fit any of those

knew what he wanted, but he found himself continually drawn to the quick-witted
shrew, Colleen. Five minutes ago, he thought this problem would resolve itself.
As soon as she announced the date of the wedding today, Colleen was no longer
available. Why was she messing up the plan?

had stopped dating since he’d met Colleen. He wasn’t a man to dine with one and
think about another one. He had already scheduled two dates for next week since
he knew Colleen would no longer be an option.

watched her boldly walking up to the valet with a ticket in hand. Travers
followed like a bear to honey. What was she up to? Why was Colleen destroying his
week's schedule, and how did she think she was going to get her car in a
brunette wig? What was so important that she needed to get dressed up in that outfit?

made no sense. Colleen made him smile with her wit, and her unpredictable
antics kept him intrigued. If he were honest, Travers would admit that he’d
fantasized about what life would be like with Colleen. Every day would be new,
exciting, and chaotic. For a man who scheduled everything, chaotic shouldn’t
appeal, but in Colleen’s case, it was a draw he couldn’t resist.

he walked closer, he could hear the faint echoes of the conversation she was
having with the valet.

this is Ms. Bowers’ car,” the young valet said.

know whose car it is. I have a valet ticket. Can you get the car?”

sorry, Ms., I’ll need to see some I.D., or I’ll have to call Mr. Chambers.”

have a ticket!”

can put something in the car for you,” the valet said hesitantly.

don’t want to put something in it I want to drive it!” Colleen protested.

wanted to drive it. What was she doing? Travers looked over his shoulder and
then back at Colleen, and the impossible came to him. Colleen was incognito
escaping the engagement of the year!

* * *

out of her engagement party hadn’t been that big of a problem. They were all
there to pat Luis Chambers, her fiancé, on the back. Colleen made it to her
stash behind the bush, looking over her shoulder as she tried to escape
casually. She took off her pumps and internally cried. Colleen was five foot
eleven, but when she put on her power pumps, she was a comfortable six feet.
She needed the extra height and confidence to walk boldly into rooms.

she was putting on her jeans, which weren’t so bad, but these sneakers. The
shoe guy had promised her they were comfy. After having her structured red-bottom
heels on, the sneakers felt like she had mini airbags on her feet. She took off
her silky dress and put on the rough shirt she’d bought. Life was about to get bumpy,
so she better get used to it.

coup de grace was the wig. Her bright red hair could be seen from anywhere. She
had bought a beautiful, dull brunette wig and stuffed her tresses beneath it.
She would stop every so often and wonder, Do I need to do this? Then she
thought about Luis and his lawyer friends drinking at the bar last night. She had
wanted to surprise him by showing up in this new wig so they could go places
incognito. Instead, she had been surprised to find him in his cups with his
friends. They spoke about how he would do his duty with her but would make sure
he didn’t tire himself out for the other women who wanted to be with an up-and-coming
district attorney.

couldn’t believe how easy she’d been taken in. They had discussed it since Luis
was coming to Chusada, that the district attorney spot was pretty much his, but
she’d endorse him, and the town would agree. When she thought about how he had thanked
her and told her she’d never regret it, Colleen felt like she should be putting
on a dunce cap instead of a brunette wig.

knew what she needed was some time to think. She couldn’t do that in town, and
too many people would want to “help” her. All Colleen needed to do was get to
her car. When she heard the football team was acting as valets, Colleen thought
things couldn’t be more in her favor.

gave herself one final look, and a peek over her shoulder to make sure the
coast was clear. She walked and talked with authority. The football captain was
no match for her. She walked up to Greg Standers and presented her ticket.

took the ticket and then gave her a once over.

sorry, Ms., this car belongs to Ms. Bowers.”

well aware of who it belongs to. I have a ticket. I’m doing an errand. Can you
get the car?”

shrugged and looked really sorry but didn’t seem as though he would budge.

 “I’m sorry, Ms., I’ll need to see some I.D.,
or I’ll have to call Mr. Chambers.”

have a ticket!

can put something in the car for you,” Greg said hesitantly. Colleen looked at
Greg and then over her shoulder. They would notice she was gone any minute. It
was impossible that she had planned for everything but hadn’t thought about
Greg, the head of the football team, becoming conscientious and not getting her

don’t want to put something in it—I want to drive it,” Colleen protested.

held out his hands and gave his best smile. “I hear you, but Mr. Chambers paid
us all a little extra to be extra careful about people getting in and out of
this party. He didn’t want anything to go wrong. I have to say, Ms., you don’t
look like you belong here. I’m willing to overlook this if you go on your way.
Otherwise, I’m going to have to call the police.

wanted to pull her wig off and eviscerate him with a tongue lashing that would
make him cringe whenever he saw her. She was giving it serious thought when she
heard a masculine voice clear his throat.

started to nod her head and turned in the direction away from the voice when
she heard the smooth tones of the one person she didn’t want to meet, Travers
Warner. She’d just keep walking. That was her intention until she felt his firm
grasp on her shoulder.

Lou, you beat me out here.”

Lou! That was the best he could think of? She wasn’t sure what his game was,
but she’d play along. Beneath his tall-dark-and-handsome exterior hid a
mindless troll, who would do whatever he had to for a dollar. It was just a
distraction that he looked so good.

stood and then turned to Travers. “Hello, Travy.”

smile widened. “Did you get the car?”

interrupted. “Umm, I’m sorry, but she has the ticket for Ms. Bowers’ car.”

gave his ticket to Greg. “I’ll talk to Peggy here. Would you go get my car?”

nodded and then ran off. Travers stood in front of her with a smirk that might
make a lesser woman melt at his feet, but not Colleen. She knew the beast that
lived within. Travers Winters, COO, and best friend of her best friend’s
husband. It was only that fact that made him tolerable.

didn’t know it was a thing to play dress-up at an engagement party.”

you know it’s never too early to insert a little intrigue into the marriage.
Besides, I’ve been wondering what Luis really sees in me, and I thought I’d ask
Luis to meet me somewhere. It’s my suspicious nature as a lawyer and all.”

over his shoulder and back at her, he nodded. “Yeah, I can see how you would
want some confirmation on this deal before it’s signed and sealed. I think you’re
supposed to invite the fiancé to this escapade, though, aren’t you?”

got that all taken care of.” Why was he staying? “I think your car will be
coming up any moment. I don’t want to hold you up.” Certainly, that was the
universal dismissal.

reached into his jacket and pulled out his phone.

why don’t I help you out here? Why don’t I give Luis a heads up so he can meet
you now? That way, you don’t have to go, and this concern will be put away.”

thought she’d like to put him away. Then her phone rang. Out of instinct, she
pulled it out, and the caller ID said, Luis. Nosy Travers looked right over her

look, it seems like Luis is looking for his fiancée already. Go ahead and
answer it. I’ll wait.”

rejected the call and then looked at Travers. It was all his fault. Whenever
Travers was involved, her plans went south. He seemed so calm and collected, standing
there in a dark suit and a pink shirt. What man could wear a pink shirt and
still look so masculine? She knew the magic was in his eyes. They were
sorcerer’s eyes. They were brown at first glance, but on closer inspection, she
always noticed the golden flecks in them that made him look like a wizard from

wanted to say she wasn’t affected by his general appearance, but the whole
package only accentuated the brilliant mind housed within. From day one, she
had mentally sparred with Travers, and he’d met her tit for tat. He made her
feel petite because he was taller and had a body that was no stranger to the
gym. When she was around Travers, she started to think there was merit to being
a helper and helpmeet in a relationship, and that was when Colleen knew she had
to keep him far away.

mother had fallen for that trap. Her father had married her when she was a
young law student, and she gave up her career to be a mother. Only to have her
father cheat on her and leave her. Sure, her mother was remarried and happy,
and her father was remarried and regretted the actions of his youth, but
Colleen had been with her mother in the aftermath. Her strong mother had been
reduced to tears and an abyss of loss. Colleen was not going that way.

it was nice seeing you Travers, your car is here,” she said with a big smile.
Greg had just brought his car to the front and was holding out Travers’ keys.

before either of them could say anything, they both heard the faint calling of
her name. It sounded like two men were calling for Colleen.

Peggy Lou, are you sure I can’t give you a lift?”

Lou, the name grated on her. Thank goodness it wasn’t her real name.

think I can make do; thank you, Travy.”

cleared his throat and looked at Colleen.

I can’t give you Ms. Bowers’ car without her being her or Mr. Chambers.”

opened the door to his car. “I can drop you wherever you need to be, but the
offer is a limited time only.”

sounds of her name got louder, and like a jackrabbit about to be pounced on by
a wolf, she slid into the car.

in and drive, Travy!”

tapped the car door and gave her a smile. He pulled out a couple of bills for
Greg and then got in the car.

need to leave now,” she muttered under her breath.

worries, I know just the place to go,” Travers said.

“Whatever, just

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